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WIP Kaltor by SironaBennet
WIP Kaltor
So I'm currently revamping some old character reference sheets. 
This is from this old piece of crap here: 
Kaltor A'Tani Ref Page by SironaBennet
As you can see, this is the updated version of Kaltor's Portrait head view. You can also see his skin texture much better. I like to think of it as hard and leathery, almost like scales on a reptile. His hairstyle is dreadlocks and I think I go the dread look down much better this time. 

I've been dedicating a lot of my time into this revamps but I thought I'd show you all the update :D Watch this space because soon I'll be finished the new reference sheet and a few things minor things have changed about Dominus A'Tani :la: Can't wait to finish and show you all. At some point I'll put together information about his species and their homeworld, which explains their appearance, such as the reason for four eyes, why they are so large compared to us, why they have so much muscle mass and much more interesting stuff.  

Also, check out this picture here that MistyTang drew :D I was lucky to commission her and I asked for Kali and Kaltor. What she drew was pure amazeballs and I love it :heart: Go and give her some love! :la:
Scales and Tusks by MistyTang

(C) Kaltor belongs to me
You are not authorised to use this
Ayren A'Tani Ref Page by SironaBennet
Ayren A'Tani Ref Page
So I'm back to working on Hunter's Moon because I want to get it finished sometime this year. In between working on my book and trying to maintain a personal life, I've also been working on character and architecture concepts.
This isn't exactly a spoiler because Ayren happens after the Hunter's Moon trilogy and I'm still debating the idea of a spin-off series.

So meet Ayren, the second child of Kali and Kaltor. Born through the aid of a Startear Crsytal, put in Kali's chest by Rugon the Avari to correct the damage inflicted from the birth of Kali and Kaltor's first child, Tempus. The damage was so extensive and severe that it left Kali's body unable to have children naturally on her own. It was about 30 years after the birth of Tempus that Ayren came along, filling the void in Kali and Kaltor's lives.
Ayren was but the start of many children to come after the placement of the stone.

Growing up, Kali basically dressed Ayren for the first four or so years of her life, putting her in very bright and girly clothes. Eventually Ayren rebelled from her mother's desires to make a woman out of her, instead favoring the idea of being more like her father. 

You'll also notice her reference sheet is a bit different, being without the headshot pictures that all my other sheets have. I guess my reasoning is because Ayren is not a character in the Hunter's Moon trilogy books - as it happened before her birth - so she doesn't need a headshot like the others? :shrug:
I also drew these pictures last year and just touched them up recently. They've been sitting on my computer for a long time so I guess it's time to show them off.    
I think I used references but it was so long ago I barely remember OTL

I have to say...Ayren was a damn creepy child....seriously. 

(C) Ayren belongs to me
You are not authorized to use this character or artwork
Mael Finsternis by SironaBennet
Mael Finsternis
Meet Mael, the notorious Lycan King. You see him throughout the Hunter's Moon books.
What's he like, you ask? Well, you'll see when I finish the book :eyes:

Uploading a backlog of finished stuff I've had sitting on my computer for a while now....

(C) Mael belongs to me
You are not authorized to use this character or artwork 
Dominus by SironaBennet
Dominus is the Latin word for master or owner

So I've been brushing up on my knowledge of ancient Rome, as my alien species known as Ocularians are based heavily off the culture and ways of life. Though in my book it's mentioned that Ocularians are what inspired the Romans' way of life, dress, architecture etc

I did submit a similar picture last year: 
Ambassador A'Tani by SironaBennet
But I wasn't happy with it, the perspective was messed up and all in all, the picture just cried out to be fixed. After months of picking at it, I'm happy enough to call it finished. The changes made were colouring of parts of the lineart, more lighting, fixing the perspective of Kaltor's face and cropping the picture to finish at his waist. I think this version is much better and something I'm happy to have on the back of my book :D 

(C) Kaltor belongs to me
You are not authorized to use the character or the artwork
Protected by legal copyright

Work and recent Absence

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 2, 2014, 8:03 PM

So you may or may not have noticed that things have been quite quiet on my end. A month ago I started a new job and I've pretty much been working everyday since. While it's only part time and I get home around midday, I find myself too tired to really get anything done, as most days I start at 6am in the morning. Not to mention I want to try and balance my work like with spending time with my partner. So drawing and computer time aren't a huge priority for me now. 
I'm not going to go into details about it really, but all I have to say is that relationships can't be half assed and actually need effort put into them to work. I need to step back and give my partner the time and dedication he deserves. 

Updates for "World Of Aark" will happened whenever I get the time to sit down and draw out a new page. I decided it was too much of a burden on my mind to have a set update time so in the end I decided to scrap that. I will work at my own pace and set no deadline for it. Don't worry though, I will continue and eventually finish it, but it may take a while. I hope you all stick with me though, because it's not just a journey for me, it's a journey for you :) 


Artist | Student | Digital Art
I'm just your average artist, trying to find my place in this world. My preferred medium for art at the moment is digital art, but occasionally I'll draw traditional stuff.
My Goal is to become a well known artist here on Deviant Art and to one day get a Daily Deviation :XD: I live through my art, and I hope you enjoy it.

Name: Emily
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Should I change my Username to "Emily-Bennet"? 

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I appreciate that you're thankful but it's not necessary.
PLEASE PLEASE read this...
This stops most people from flocking my messages with thank yous, but there are still a few of you that still thank me. You're welcome for the fave, but there really is no need to thank me.



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That's actually a photoshopped version my friend did when he asked me to pose with my rats for his uni assignment
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